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Elexa is now offering free online workshops to help your business soar! 
Each workshop will be hosted on Zoom.

As a small business owner who is also a teacher, Elexa is always happy to share her journey and what she has learned along the way through trial and error to help her fellow artists and makers. 

New classes will be announced soon!

Elexa Bancroft Consulting Services

Business Consultation

Management Consultation

Education Consultation

Event Consultation

Areas of Expertise:

Starting a Business

Social Media 

Employee Management

Event Planning

Client Management



Music Education Management

Become a Brand Ambassador

From small, privately-owned businesses to large corporations, Elexa loves working with artists,

musicians, entrepreneurs, and creatives

from all walks of life. 


To become a Brand Ambassador for Lexicon of

Love, please review the guidelines and conditions below. For any further questions on collaborations, do not hesitate to send Elexa a message. 


A collaboration / brand ambassador agreement would be made between Lexicon of Love, LLC, a company incorporated in USA, State of Georgia.

Duties and Ambassador Expectations 

Ambassador will perform the following:

  • 1 post per month minimum displaying a Lexicon of Love product with brand name stated. (A post can be categorised as content on either a permanent post on the page or a story on Instagram. This also includes a YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook mention.

  • Verbal and visible calls-to-action to visit the Instagram page, website, or Etsy store, such as : a swipe-up on Instagram, or a link from YouTube or other social media account

  • Use of our custom URL or promo codes (provided by Lexicon of Love)

  • Pinned comment with call-to-action on YouTube channel (if Ambassador has a YouTube channel that is frequently used)

  • Talk about the way it feels, how comfortable, the fit, and the item’s nerdy appeal. Share genuine opinions of the product without being pushy.

  • Only use approved logo assets (provided by Lexicon of Love upon request)

  • Lexicon of Love / Elena may provide feedback or require changes to any posts

Perks of being a Lexicon of Love Ambassador : 

  • A minimum of 2 free art pieces! - conditions may differ depending on individualised agreement between Brand Ambassador and Lexicon of Love

  • A personalized code to give followers 4 pieces for 40$ sale 

  • Product sneak peeks

  • Lexicon of Love will repost as many feed stories & posts as possible, redirecting traffic to you page


Sales are totalled according to the end of each calendar month and payments or other benefits are delivered on a net 30-day basis, meaning before the end of the following calendar month.


If ambassador does not achieve one sale in a month, we’ll extend the opportunity for Ambassador to make up for it the following month to total. If one sale isn’t generated by the end of the 60th day, Lexicon of Love retains the right to terminate the ambassadorship at their discretion.

  • Elexa Bancroft has been a multi-small business owner in Atlanta, Georgia, and New York City for over 10 years.

  • Her music school and art products business are six-figure companies and she manages dozens of employees each year.

  • Elexa is the recipient of the April 2019 Amber Grant for small business owners and is a March of Dimes Woman of Distinction for Atlanta, Georgia

  • She has spoken and acted as a mentor at Dekalb School of the Arts 

  • Elexa was interviewed in 2019 by 11Alive for her art business, Lexicon of Love Music Art, and was featured on the evening news. 

  • During the pandemic of 2020, she pivoted her companies to work in the virtual era and has raised over $15,000 in donations for low income families to receive online education resources.

  • She was interviewed once more in 2020 by 11Alive for Atlanta Music Education's online affordable group classes. 

  • Elexa's art has been featured in multiple local Atlanta boutiques and cafes and at conventions such as BroadwayCon and Pinterest Atlanta Conference.

  • In 2021, Elexa was featured in a Simply Buckhead article about music education in Atlanta. 

  • She is a former Board member and Education Director of Capitol City Opera Company. 

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