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Lexicon of Love Music Art is now available for special events and wedding receptions. Have your guests enjoy personalized favors made on the spot by popular pop culture artist, Elexa Bancroft live in person. 


Elexa became known for her music and book paintings and art prints thru popular Atlanta art festivals and then graduated to larger national events like Broadwaycon, New York Comic Con, Megaon Orlando and Dragon Atlanta. 

With her traveling drummer husband, her work grew internationally known thru her Tiktok during 2021 as they relocated to Orlando. Elexa brought blank art prints into Disney World to create one of a kind personalized lyric and quote are for her patrons. She now shares her work with over 80,000 followers and her work is now featured on, Wayfair and Overstock

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Starting in 2022 you can book Elexa for events such as wedding receptions and corporate events for a unique one of a kind experience for attendees. 

Your guests will enjoy picking out a music and book art print in their favorite color and having their personalized quote or lyric handwritten onto their piece in front of their eyes. Each piece only takes a minute and it is wrapped and served as a perfect party favor or souvenir. 


Each art print is 8x10 inches and perfect for framing. The color choices allow patrons and guests to choose something spot on for their outfits or what is special to them to take home and hang up. 

If you're looking for an event idea that will leave your guests talking for a long time and send them home with a favor that will live on their walls forever to think of you- book Lexicon of Love Music Art today!

Send Elexa an inquiry by emailing

megacon art prints.jpeg
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