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Animal Kingdom 'The Festival of the Lion King' Experience

I was surprised by some new friends with a trip to Animal Kingdom! While we were there, we checked out one of the first shows to reopen since the pandemic, 'The Festival of the Lion King'.

I was beyond excited to see the show as I had never seen it before. I was shocked by how magical the experience was! I recommend it to anyone who loves the Lion King!

The Festival of the Lion King is a 30 minute, musical show full of singing, dancing, acrobatics, & of course, some of your favorite Lion King characters.

First off, you will need to get there early. But how early?

We actually hovered next door at the Dawa bar and watched the line. As the line started to move, we slowly made our way over to the line with our drinks. You are going to need to finish your open container drinks before you go inside. There is a trashcan right by the entrance of the theater for drinks other than water bottles.

Here is the biggest thing we learned. You have to have your ENTIRE party with you or you will be separated. We are thankful that we did enter the theater together. Do not send one or two people into the theater to try to save seats. It will not work out for you.

I was also super grateful that for about the 30 minutes that we waited inside the theater for the show that we had a bag full of snacks. We were able to essentially eat lunch while we waited for the show to start.

The show was fabulous! I was not expecting all the floats and the costumes. One thing I really loved is at the end of the show all of the floats do stay out on the floor. It is a great photo opportunity, especially if you have someone in your party that's obsessed with the Lion King. You can even get your photo with Simba!

Smaller children do need to stay in your lap if you're trying to help them see. We had a party behind us and their kids kept standing on the benches. The theater would bring the lights up in the area and kept having security come and tell them to sit down.

What you can expect from the show is all your favorite hits from the Lion King! They do a review of all the songs at the end of the show. It's super cute and I highly recommend it!

Here is a small preview of the magical journey you will go on when you see The Festival of the Lion King!

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