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I'm Going to Disney World: My Top 11 Tips Part 1

Traveling to Disney World during COVID-19 has a lot more protocols, and some things you remember from your last visit might not exactly be the same today. Here are some tips that I learned through trial and error during my time in Orlando navigating the magical land that is Disney World.

1. Staying at a Disney World resort still comes with its perks. They have a bus system that can take you to the parks and save you on parking fees. However, you have to pay to park at your resort with a parking fee each night. Also, the majority of the hotels and resorts both in Disney World and in the Orlando area tack on a resort fee.

2. In the mornings, lines can be quite long to take the buses to the parks. So consider if losing an hour of your park time is more important to continue standing in line or simply getting an $8-$15 Uber ride directly to your park entrance in the morning.

3. We found that after a long day when we stayed past closing for a bit to do some shopping on our way out, it was much easier to get on a bus on the way home. One time, we were the only people waiting to get on a bus for the Swan and Dolphin hotels, and another bus driver had no one on his bus, so he changed routes and took us straight to where we needed to go.

4. If you’re struggling to find reservations for a sit-down restaurant at Disney World, don’t forget to check the app OpenTable. Many of the restaurants at Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney, have openings on that app.

5. Always check a restaurant in person to see if they have any walk-up availability. Brian and I went to Disney's Contemporary Resort last minute for dinner, and we walked up. They happened to have two seats at the bar for the beautiful restaurant with the Magic Kingdom rooftop view.

6. Feel free to pack snacks and drinks for your day at the park. You are allowed to bring in water bottles and any of your favorite nonalcoholic beverages, sandwiches, chips, or anything like that to help keep you and your crew hydrated and fed when you are going around the parks. It’s a great way to save money on a meal. No, the drinks do not need to be brand new and sealed. We often fill up some of our old water bottles with more water and bring them into the parks.

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