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I'm Going to Disney World: My Top 11 Tips Part 2

Traveling to Disney World during COVID-19 has a lot more protocols, and some things you remember from your last visit might not exactly be the same today. Here are more tips that I learned through trial and error during my time in Orlando navigating the magical land that is Disney World.

7. When you first arrive at Disney World, you will most likely need to wait in the ticket counter line to get a hardcopy card of your ticket to get into the parks. Even if you ordered your ticket online, they would need to either check your Florida residencies driver's license if you got a Florida ticket or check an ID or credit card to give you the hard copy of your ticket to scan at the entrance.

8. It is especially important to remember when you go to Magic Kingdom not to get on the ferry or the monorail until you have gone to the ticket booth at the parking lot to get the hard copy of your ticket.

9. Once you’re inside the park, I recommend utilizing the My Disney Experience app. On the app, you can check up-to-date wait times on your rides, you can order food from the walk-up counter service restaurants, and you can check those dining reservations for the sit-down restaurants to see if any openings happen.

10. To cut down on your wait time at the pop-up kiosks for food and drinks and choose when you want your food to be ready to get picked up, utilize the mobile order on the My Disney Experience app. All mobile-order restaurants have dessert, adult beverage, and nonalcoholic beverage options available to purchase at the same price as the walk-up kiosks around the parks.

11. No adult beverages are served at Magic Kingdom unless you are at a sit-down restaurant with a reservation. We often book one sit-down restaurant reservation at the park for each day of our Magic Kingdom trip to have a glass of wine or two with our meal.

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