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My Favorite Dinner Experience at Magic Kingdom

Throughout the years, I have had the pleasure of visiting Disney World several times. In April 2019, I had one of the best dining experiences ever in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland.

The whimsical and luxurious restaurant brought a classic Disney movie to life while offering diners the yummiest french food you can find at Disney World. What is the name of this fine restaurant, you ask?

The restaurant where I had my favorite dinner experience at Magic Kingdom was the Be Our Guest Restaurant, inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

Diners are provided a perfect dining menu with a mixture of American and French foods. When Brian and I visited the restaurant, we enjoyed the delightful charcuterie board and the French onion soup as our appetizers. Then for our main entree, we both got the filet mignon which was very tender and juicy.

For dessert, we actually got to try the grey stuff, and guess what? It was DELICIOUS! The grey stuff, which turned out to be chocolate cookie mousse, was served in an edible cup that looks like Chip from Beauty and the Beast. Also, the stained glass paper that the desert selections were sitting on top of was edible!

Be Our Guest also offered a full wine selection and bar to order alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Side Note: You can't get alcoholic beverages anywhere else in the park unless you dine at one of the sit-down restaurants.

The Glorious Dining Rooms

The pictures you can take inside of Be Our Guest Restaurant are to die for! You can dine in three rooms: the Grand Ballroom, the West Wing, and the Castle Gallery.

Brian and I have eaten in the magnificent Grand Ballroom twice now and loved the insanely extravagant chandelier hanging from the domed ceiling! It was also a nice homage to Beauty and the Beast by showing snow lightly falling in the Gothic arched windows.

The West Wing, which is more darkly lit, has the beautiful lilting rose and a ripped picture of the beast seen in the Disney movie.

The Castle Gallery is modeled after Belle's private library, which is perfect for all book lovers. Side Note: This room is usually only open for lunch.

Beast Sighting

What makes the experience even better at Be Our Guest Restaurant is that the Beast from Beauty and the Beast makes an appearance multiple times during your meal. Before COVID-19, you could walk up and take pictures with him, but currently, the Beast walks around and waves as guests.

Side Note: You cannot come into the restaurant unless you have a reservation, so make sure to plan and get your reservation!

My time at Be Our Guest Restaurant remains one of the best Disney dining experiences I've ever had.

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