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Rise of the Resistance: All the Tips and Tricks I've Learned

Updated: May 4, 2021

One of the best rides at Disney's Hollywood Studios is the Rise of the Resistance ride located in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Undercover Tourist describes the ride saying, "Prepare for an exciting battle against the First Order that will take your Walt Disney World experience to a whole new level! Featuring an innovative and cutting-edge trackless ride system, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance truly makes you a part of the action." This is a must-see when visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Today I am sharing all the tips and tricks I've learned from riding the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride.

Check-In Process

On the day you’re going to Hollywood Studios, make sure to set your alarm very early to get up and be ready to check-in to the My Disney Experience app. You had to be inside the park to check-in to get a boarding group for the ride in the past. However, now you can check in from your home or hotel.

Each person in our party was on the My Disney Experience app, ready to refresh the boarding group button on the main screen at exactly 6:59 AM. Right at 7 AM, refresh the browser on your My Disney Experience app, click how many people are in your party, and click next and keep fingers crossed that you snag one of the coveted boarding groups of the day.

We did it right at 7 AM, and we were put into a boarding group in the late 150-200's already. So you know that’s how many dozens and dozens of people had already gotten boarding groups before my finger even hit the button.

Side Note: If you were at Disney World, I don’t recommend using their Wi-Fi to do this.

It's Time To Ride

Once you have your boarding group, you can enjoy your day at Hollywood Studios and keep an eye on when your boarding group is called. Once your boarding group is called, you get an hour window to check-in and go through the ride.

My biggest tip for Rise of the Resistance is you need to keep your physical ticket or your magic band on you to prove that you are the person with the boarding group. We had put our tickets inside a locker with our backpack at the front of the park, so we had to walk back to the entrance to pull those out of our backpack and walk to the far back of the Star Wars area to check in again.

Something no one told me about Rise of the Resistance is that you do not just walk right onto the ride once you are checked in for your boarding group. There was an hour-long wait to get through to the start of the ride once we were checked in for our boarding group. So make sure to go to the bathroom before you get into line!

Broken Down Ride

The ride does break down often, so be patient and hope for the best. If the ride does break down while you were already in line for the ride, you will be given a fast pass to use for any of the rides throughout the park for that one day.

We saved ours for Rise of the Resistance to use later in the day once it was back up so we wouldn't have to start at the end of the line again.

Other Helpful Tips

You do have a second opportunity to try and snag a boarding group, but sometimes they’ll announce over the loudspeakers that they will not be opening up a second time to check-in. If you do get a second time to check-in, you need to be inside the park to request that on the My Disney Experience app.

If you do not get a boarding group during your trip, or if the ride breaks down and you cannot ride Rise of the Resistance later, never yell or hassle a cast member about it. This is not in their hands, and sometimes these things happen. Enjoy the rest of the park and always treat cast members with the most respect. They are out there working long days, and it’s very hard being in this Florida sun for so long.

If you truly are a diehard Star Wars fan, and you can make this work, I would schedule two Hollywood Studios visits during your trip to Disney World to make sure that you have ample opportunities to get a boarding group for Star Wars: Rise of the resistance.

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