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Tips From My TikTok 101 For Artists and Makers Workshop

Last week, I hosted my first free online workshop! I have learned a lot through the years running an art business and a music school, and I love sharing those lessons with fellow small business owners, artists, and makers.

With over 33,000 followers, I've found success using the TikTok app and shared my tips during the TikTok 101 for Artists & Makers workshop. If you missed last week's workshop, I am hosting another round of TikTok 101 on Wednesday, March 24 at 8:00 pm! And thanks to the 11 business owners and makers who attended my first workshop, I am also hosting a special TikTok 102 Artists & Makers workshop on Thursday, March 25 at 1:00 pm.

Today, I am giving you a sneak peek of my TikTok 101 for Artists & Makers by sharing two subjects I will discuss during the workshop on Wednesday!


  • What is Beacons? It landing site that compiles all of your links.

  • The app is free for you to use!

  • I highly recommend using this for your TikTok page and linking your Beacons page in your TikTok bio.

  • When making the titles for the links, use actions words such as:

    1. Become a member”

    2. Buy my product”

  • Why choose this over Linktree? You have more freedom when designing your page!

  • Side Note: There is a feature where the links will move side to side to catch the viewer’s attention.

  • Go to to make your own Beacons page!

Capturing Your Audience

  • Make relatable content for your audience to enjoy! Remember that people do not want to watch commercials of your product.

  • It is important to know that the time of day you post does not affect how much engagement it will get.

  • Remember that it takes time for posts to be seen. Do not expect for immediate results and do not delete a post if it does not do well.

  • Also, older posts can go viral.

  • I found the most success when I posted 3 to 5 times a day which may sound daunting; however, making drafts for later helps.

On Wednesday, I will also discuss subjects such as editing, voice overs, the for you page algorithm, the filming process, and hashtags

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